24 Crucial Tips For

ANY Business Running Google Ads

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As seen in:


  • The exact display ad sizes you need to follow your prospects round the web..... (just as your competitors are doing)

  • 7 SEARCH advertising tips that'll put you in Google's good you can pay less per click & per conversion.

  • The DISPLAY placements you should avoid at all costs...because it's low quality traffic (trust me)

  • The TWO custom audiences that filter out prospects with 'high intent' so you're only dealing with those ready to buy NOW.

  • The exact bids you should set on YouTube advertising campaigns to get the most out of your budget.

  • The click-through number your ads should be hitting on YouTube to scale....use this to starve the ponies & feed the stallions.

To the business owners running (or looking to run) Google Ads.

If you're looking for a systematic, reliable way to bring in new leads & sales in your business then you're in the right place.


Gone are the days where you could pop-up a website and rank in the first page of Google in a matter of weeks.


Nope, not anymore.


The algorithms have changed and we've moved into a 'pay to play' environment.


A world where the 'big boys' can throw wads of cash at Google and Facebook & show up... every-time.


Seems unfair doesn't it?


Well, that's where I come in....


I want to help you level the playing field.


Over the last 5 years I've been working behind the scenes (in the shadows) for some of the biggest players in the advertising space.


And what did I learn?


Well, to my surprise, the 'Big Boys' are using just a few simple strategies.


Strategies that can be employed by ANY business with ease.


Get these subtle techniques implemented into your marketing and you'll never have to wait for Google to 'rank you' again.


You won't have to sit back & watch as your competitors swoop in & takeover YOUR turf on Google's search results.


If you'd like to flip the system on its head and start controlling the growth of your business, then this one-page cheatsheet could be the most valuable thing you place on your desk this year (I'd print it out if I were you).


You'll get 24 red hot techniques to advertise effectively across Google Search, YouTube, Google Shopping & Display (those pesky banners).


All you need to do is click the button below & I'll send these outrageously simple, yet effective tips directly to your inbox.

Clients I have worked with:

This Handout Covers...

  • Google Search Ads

  • Google Display Ads

  • Google Shopping Ads

  • YouTube Ads


I am a client acquisition specialist who runs a direct response agency helping Ecommerce & service based businesses rapidly scale their revenue.


I've worked behind the scenes of large corporations - running their marketing campaigns.


Companies such as McDonalds, AudibleEstee LauderTom FordCliniqueQantasBobbi BrownBacardiMTV, NEC and more.


Over the past 5 years, I have spent over $5,000,000 on Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube Advertising.


And for the first time, I've leaked some of my top Google advertising tips in this one-page cheatsheet.

Luke's attention to detail and hands-on approach has been instrumental in seeing a huge increase in lead volumes and decreases in cost per lead across all accounts he has worked on.


Kristan Johnson, Founder - Altitude Digital

24 Crucial Tips For

ANY Business Running Google Ads

Discover the Google ads tips & tricks that can open up the floodgates to new enquiries, calls & customers.

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