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Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your knowledge, these guides will help you understand the easiest way to get your campaigns converting - with the least amount of effort ;)


Google Adwords Beginners Guide

Learn how to structure you are account, conduct keywords research and create ads that drive results. Learn ad specifications, correct account structures, keyword match types and more.


The Ultimate Google Adwords Optimisation Guide

Get a more detailed view on Adwords account management. Learn how to identify and build upon strong performance. Boost the ROI of your account using these optimisation techniques around extensions, negative keywords, bid adjustments and more. Download your copy now.


7 Facebook Ad Mistakes & How You Can Avoid Them

After working across multiple Facebook accounts (large & small), I have identified 7 key mistakes I see Facebook marketers make. Let me show you what they are AND how you can avoid them to drive results fast.


Customer Avatar Worksheet

Learn how to better understand your ideal prospect. Use this customer avatar worksheet to do a deep dive into your target audience and let these specific targeting buckets feed into your Facebook & Google Ad targeting.


The Top 10 Clickbank Products to Promote Right Now

Interested in affiliate marketing? Get this guide to learn the 10 most profitable products you can promote in the Clickbank marketplace right now. View these 10 key products & learn what makes an affiliate product worthy of promotion.

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